Dear players,

I am delighted to announce the release of version 4.35.

  • The troop backup function was not accepted by Grepolis.
  • The recruitment trade has been redesigned.
  • Several bug fixes.

  • To update DIO-TOOLS-David1327
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New Features and Changes

Troop Backup

  • Function not approved by GREPOLIS.
  • Function completely removed from the script before restriction.
  • /!\ For those still using it, use at your own risk.


  • Several automatic translations have been done (Keyboard shortcuts, Troop speed).

Recruitment Trade => A big thank you to @Malamb and @neriss

  • Takes into account your current warehouse capacity and shipping capacity.
    Recruitment Trade
Bug Fixes

Popup Icons

  • The Popup was not triggering.

Attack Alarm (not-confirmed)

  • At certain times, it was not possible to disable the alarm.


Feel free to report any bugs and comment on this update on Discord! Enjoy the game.