Dear players, dear players,
We would like to inform you about the next release of our new update, version 4.33.

  • Several bugfixes with small changes
  • Following the last of grepolis, several functions did not work on the beta world
  • To update DIO-TOOLS-David1327
  • Join me on Discord
News and changes


  • By changing your language in the settings you also have the icons personalized to your language.

Saving Troops

  • The function has been completely redesigned.
    *Available by enabling “Sent Units” for now.
    Troop backup
Bug fixes


  • The problem with Greasemonkey has been fixed

Removed tooltips from unit

  • The function no longer worked

Units sent

  • Temples are now taken into account (thanks to @Neriss)

City View Button, City View Window

  • Following a grepolis update in the beta world the functions no longer worked (Thanks @Buffysara for reporting)

Map Icons

  • Icons were still appearing after disabling. (Sorry Rakallus)

Several optimizations


Feel free to report any bugs and comment on this safe update Discord! (Comments will soon be available on the site)
Good game.